Maintain growth, shape, and health

Why We Prune:


It is our first concern when assessing any tree. Even healthy wood can snap in a storm wind. Wood that is decaying poses an even bigger threat as it can shed at any time. We look at included bark for bad connections between stems and wood with structural concerns.

Shape & Size

Many of our clients want to keep their shrubs and trees contained within a certain amount of space. Other than planning correctly for size when first planting, the solution to overgrown plants is pruning. Our certified arborists prune all types of plants and know how much is too much.


Providing safe clearance from houses and wires is a vital aspect of arborist work.


Too much shade? We can thin out a tree to create more light in certain areas beneath the tree without harming the life of the tree.

Dead Wood

Dead wood is unsightly and it falls down. Pruning correctly can also protect the tree from diseases and pests that look to get inside the vascular tissue through open wounds.

Encourage New Growth

Yes, cutting branches and leaves away can help plants regain their vigor. Pruning can trigger reactions in plants to encourage them to grow new, healthy stems.