Winter is coming and your weakly positioned limbs, dead wood, and overgrowth are going to take a beating. To prevent potentially dangerous situations and cause minimal stress to the tree, you can prune in the colder months when trees are in dormancy.

Some situations you should consider need pruning:


Heavy Ice

When ice accumulates on branches, the extra weight might be more than what the tree can handle. Either prune weak, awkwardly growing limbs out or have a team shake off ice and snow to prevent winter damage and holes in hedges.

Long Branches

Again, branches that reach way out there are prone to falling in winter. If you have structures to protect beneath a large limb, consider having it removed. Areas include over house, driveway, play areas, and near wiring.


Dead Wood

DDead wood will not last long under the weight of ice and snow. Best to have these removed. A clean pruning cut will also be better for the tree than a nasty splintered break which may not callus well.



One thing with planting is that people do not realize how big some trees can get. Critter can use these extra long branches to get attic access as well. Prune down for size and shape to get that aesthetic you intended.


Tall White Pines

Pines will snap easily in winter wind. Hundred foot pines should be topped professionally to avoid a major mess.

Other winter action items:


When branches grow out at obtuse angles, cabling can help the branches sway together in the wind and prevent splitting of the tree.