We deeply value a safe and clean landscape environment.

When and how to treat a prized landscape plant that is under stress from a pest or disease is a decision that requires thoughtfulness, transparency, and pragmatism. We believe in building a decision making environment with our clients rooted in honesty and free of aggressive sales motives. If intervention is required, effective use of Organic, non-toxic, and least toxic plant medications demands professional expertise with precise application techniques.

Achieving vibrant health for the plants of your landscape requires awareness of all the factors that affect them: soil health, installation history, construction damage, drought, pest or disease damage. Proper diagnosis is key.

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Tick & Mosquito Management

Bransfield leverages control of these pests across their complete life cycles using a variety of property specific strategies.

Deer Grazing

Discouraging White Tail Deer browsing is a crucial part of landscape management in New England. Multiple strategies are available.


Death by defoliation can take several years to complete, when a tree is annually deprived of its Spring leaf flush it begins to struggle and degrade. There are a number of ways to control leaf-eating caterpillars and insects that can defoliate a tree in a matter of days. Managing defoliators can often be accomplished without spraying.


They are a slower motion pest—best managed early


We’ve successfully managed Hemlocks for adelgid in New England for decades. We love protecting our native hemlocks and they respond so well to adlegid treatment.

If it is harming your landscape plants, we can help.

Above are just a few of the pests that we can manage for you.
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